Arbitration & Mediation

At Adair Goldblatt Bieber, we are focused on practical solutions and timely results. These objectives are often best served by out-of-court resolution, via mediation or arbitration. Our lawyers are highly experienced at resolving litigation through these means, which have the benefit of being confidential, more time- and cost-efficient, and amenable to creative, practical remedies.

Our lawyers have deep expertise in alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including with international arbitration and across a broad range of industries. Our experience extends not only representing clients in these processes, but also to serving as mediators and arbitrators. Our lawyers are trusted to act as the mediators and adjudicators hearing and resolving disputes between competitive athletes and their sports organizations.

We also have extensive experience with arbitration-related court proceedings. We have successfully brought and defended motions to stay civil court proceedings on the basis that the parties have previously agreed to resolve their disputes through arbitration, and have similar experience with recognition and enforcement proceedings, jurisdictional challenges, and appeals from arbitral awards.