Media, Defamation & Privacy Law

Our lawyers are experienced in both prosecuting and defending defamation claims, as well as claims arising from breaches of privacy. We often provide pre-litigation advice to those looking to avoid disputes, or resolve them confidentially, before litigation arises. Your reputation and privacy are critically important, and we approach these cases with their highly sensitive and personal nature in mind.

We act for all manner of clients in defamation and privacy cases, including individuals, corporations, publications, politicians, and professionals. We offer a nuanced and sensible approach, always guided by each client's specific needs and objectives. We have the skillful, strategic touch that these highly personal and sensitive matters require. 

Since the introduction of provincial “Anti-SLAPP” legislation intended to protect legitimate expression from frivolous defamation lawsuits, our lawyers have delivered results for both plaintiffs and defendants on motions brought pursuant to these new rules.