Internal & Special Investigations

We are experienced in representing individuals, companies, regulatory authorities, and statutory officers in conducting and responding to investigations of alleged wrongdoing, including allegations of harassment, sexual assault, fraud, and the theft or leaking of confidential information. We approach these mandates with the care, discretion, and sensitivity they require, recognizing that they have the potential to result in serious reputational damage, and also substantial damages awards.

Our pre-litigation advice is often informed by an internal investigation to figure out what actually happened, and why. Equipped with this understanding, we provide clients with clear, plain language, no-nonsense advice summarizing our findings and possible legal exposure, whether it be tortious, contractual, or statutory, and whether any applicable insurance policies may be engaged. We are experienced at performing such investigations professionally and discretely, within the cone of solicitor-client privilege.

We also provide a broad range of legal services to Integrity Commissioners with statutory authority to conduct Public Inquiries pursuant to section 33 of the Public Inquiries Act, 2009. We advise Integrity Commissioner’s on the scope of their investigatory authority, and also act under their delegated authority to undertake their investigations and inquiries, and to draft reports on alleged statutory and code of conduct violations.