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Grewal v. Attorney General of Ontario & Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Simon Bieber, Sean Pierce, and Ritika Rai, together with co-counsel Nader Hasan and Spencer Bass of Stockwoods LLP, represent former MP Raj Grewal in this civil claim against the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Attorney General for Ontario involving allegations of negligent investigation and violation of Mr. Grewal's Charter rights to a fair trial.

Following nine weeks of evidence at trial from Crown witnesses, the Court acquitted Mr. Grewal of all charges. He stood accused of breach of trust, for soliciting personal financial assistance in connection with his duties and privileges as a Member of Parliament. He did no such thing. The flaws in the case against Mr. Grewal had been apparent from the outset, yet were ignored by both the RCMP and Attorney General, which resulted in the Court summarily dismissing the charges against him.

Mr. Grewal now seeks a declaration that the RCMP and Attorney General's negligent investigation and prosecution of him violated his right to a fair trial enshrined in sections 7 and 11(d) of the Charter rights, alleging that the flaws in the case against him had been apparent from the outset. Mr. Grewal also seeks to recover the damages he has suffered as result.